Frequently Asked Questions about our classes when you first find out about ZKS MA.

How do I register myself or a child for a free trial class?.

Simply click on the ‘Free trial.’ and add your details. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can with a trial date or informing you that you are on a waiting list.

We want to do our best to inform you of all that we do and for us to do that we will need some basic information from you. The first step is to book a trial. If you are not sure of how to do this, then simply follow this video on our YouTube channel.

How to book your trial
Welcome to ZKS Martial Arts

Can I just turn up for a trial?

No I’m sorry, we must ask you to register first. Some of our classes are full with a waiting list and we need to know you’re coming, as well as your contact details in an emergency. We take pride in making sure that we have the correct staff to student ratio and making sure students are supported.

ZKS has a no spectator rule

What happens next?

Our team will email you with some welcome information in the next few days.

In the meantime, you should now access our members area where we recommend that you do the follow the video. Please make sure that you fill in the "Account" section with all your details. We would also recommend that you add any additional contacts to help us contact you in case of an emergency.

What the ZKS Members are looks like.

What to expect at class

Now that you have registered via our 'free trial' page you can now come for your trial (providing there is no waiting list in place). Please make sure you arrive promptly with a drink of water and in sports wear. We do not wear footwear on the mats but can always purchase our mat socks that can be found in our shop. Our instructors will be pleased to greet you and will answer any questions you may have.


What should I/my child wear for the trial?

Any comfortable sportswear should be fine and bring lots of water as we work hard! If you or your child enrol, you can purchase karate uniforms and other kit from our shop.We do not wear footwear on the mats and you can always purchase our mat socks that can be found in our shop.


We’ve had a trial, now how do I fully enrol myself or a child in ZKS?

Log into your Smallshout account by clicking on our ‘members area’.
Once you have logged on, click on ‘account’ to add your bank details. We will then email you back to confirm receipt and you will receive confirmation of what you will pay in the next payment at least 10 working days before the money is taken on the 1st working day of the month. Click here for our useful video explaining how to enrol fully.

Direct Debit screen

How do I log onto my account?

Visit our website www.zksma.co.uk, click on ‘members area’. Select ZKS Aylesbury or Watford from the drop-down menu depending on where you are most local to. Enter the email address and password you used when you first registered for the class, and if you cannot remember your password click on ‘forgotten password’

Direct Debit screen

What do I pay and how?

We take payment via monthly Direct Debit. We also offer a "Pay as you triain card" for selected classes only.

Click here to see our latest terms.

ZKS MA payment chioices

How do I attend more than 1 class per week and what is the cost?

Please email us if you or your child wish to attend more than 1 class per week, and we will advise you of the space we have available. For Aylesbury membership, the monthly fee would increase from £34 to £48 per month for unlimited class attendance For all other classes, the monthly fee would increase from £28 to £40 per month for unlimited classes.

INcrese your attendance at ZKS MA

How do I report an absence?

We do not need to know if you or your child is sick or will not be able to make one class but please do advise longer term absences. If you would to know what happens to your missed class then we would suggest reading about our Missed class FAQS. You can pause membership for any reason for a minimum of one month however if there is a waiting list for the class your child may lose their place if they wish to pause membership for longer than 1 month. Missed classes can be made up on other days. Click here for more information.

What to do if you are ill at ZKS MA

How do I cancel?

We ask that you provide a 1 month notice of cancellation as we take monies in advance so you may still need to pay your last payment after your child has left the club for classes. Click here for more information.

If you wish to cancel then please Email us or better still contact us via the members area.

I want to leave ZKS MA

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