Little Dragons

Classes for preschool children

About little dragons

Our Lil Dragons courses are aimed at preschool children, aged 3-5. They are ideal for children who have an interest in the arts and give them a brilliant springboard into joining our Novice classes.

As with most activities for younger children, they will learn through play. Our martial arts games will ensure they are learning without even realising it! Progression is tracked on reward charts using stickers to keep the kids excited by their progress.

From experience, we know children of this age cannot commit fully to an activity for more than a certain time, so Lil dragons classes are just half an hour per week, and classes are small to ensure each child gets Sensei's full attention.

Lil Dragons is separated into many different levels/belts, more of which you will learn about as your child progresses but broadly speaking each part of the syllabus should take around 12 weeks. After 12 weeks your child will present alongside his/her peers all that they have learned. Children can start with us at any time, as their 12 weeks starts when they do.

By the end of the first 12 weeks, we expect children to show a better ability to share, speak more clearly, keep more self control, show respect, problem solve, listen more carefully, and demonstrate responsibility. Children will also develop their speech and language skills, be more physically strong and be more aware of their body and the space around them. Finally, and most importantly, each stage encourages children to be more safe by memorising their phone number & address and by understanding 'stranger danger' and how to be safe at home.

All of our instructors are DBS checked, insured and first aid trained. We would always encourage parents to check that people who care for your children have these things in place. For this reason, we have ensured our instructors have this information to hand should you want to check.
Numbers for these classes are limited due to the children's age. Please contact us on 08000 124287 or email us to book your child's place.

Class Timetable

Academy Venue Day Time
Thame ASM Stadium. Monday 5.00pm
Aylesbury Buckingham Park Tuesday4.45pm
Aylesbury Park School Tuesday 4.30pm
Aylesbury Fairford Leys Centre Thursday 4.15pm
Watford Nascot Wood Junior School Saturday 9.00am
Watford Nascot Wood Junior School Saturday 9.30am
Aylesbury Park School Saturday 10.30am

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Meet ZaKS the Dragon

We would like to introduce you to an important member of the team at ZKS! This is ZaKS the Dragon. He is available to meet the Little Dragons in class and he is going to need to be looked after.

The best behaved Little Dragon in class can take him home to look after him for that week. Better still we would like to see some pictures of the adventures that he goes on! More information about how to meet ZaKS and to post pictures of his adventures go to our facebook page.