Martial Arts for 5 years and up.

Classes for children!

A unique programme

ZKS Martial Arts is based in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire and has over 500 members in the area. We offer martial arts classes which include aspects of Karate, kickboxing and Jujutsu. ZKS Martial Arts offer three types of classes to match each child's age and ability.

We are keen to help instil important values such as discipline, respect, tolerance and other skills they will need as they mature. We know how important it is that children are given the time to learn these important life skills. We will help play a role with parents and schools to offer a physical outlet for them to express themselves, by offering an activity that is a little different to the main stream sports.

We apply a very different approach to other martial arts groups like karate, kick boxing and judo. We recognise that in the 21st century the needs of tuition have changed to the traditional teaching methods when martial arts first appeared. We grade our students on a vocational qualification process, as we find this to be a fairer method in making sure that they progress in their learning.


Beginners Class for White,Yellow and Orange Belts
(aimed at 5 to 9 years old).
Our Novice classes give our students a really good introduction to all the basic elements of our martial arts programme. We cover three main units in our programme; Basics, Throws and Kata. Most students stay in this class for about 2 to 3 years and then progress to the advanced class. Depending on their ability, age and size, students may be invited to complete an extra unit covering weapons.


Designed for Red, Green and Blue Belts
(aimed at 8 to 12 years old).
We welcome experienced martial arts students into this class. They may have graduated from our Novice group or may have come from another adademy.This class adds more demands on the students ability and of course it goes without saying we move slightly onto more technical aspects. Again, students work through the three main units; Basics, Throws and Kata. We also give members an option of an alternative unit in "Weapons" which they can use as an extra unit to help them progress in the grades. Occasionally we will invite beginners to start in this class based upon their age and size (for instance, older children aged over 12 could be asked to join this class if they are new to the arts)

Black Belt

Designed for Purple, Purple Tag, Brown and Brown Tag
(aimed at 9 years and above).
The Black Belt Club is a class that is aimed at getting the absolute best from the student and of course to prepare them for their first big goal in martial arts - their "Black Belt"! We sometimes invite adult members to attend the class to give students a slightly different experience. It goes without saying that safety is always top of our agenda in the class. Most students in this class work on other projects like preparing for demonstrations and trying new concepts. At this level we expect students to show some initiative in what they feel that they should practice on. Our Black Belt Club students are expected to attend other classes as attending once a week is simply not enough at this high level. We also ask our older members that they attend our adult classes to give them extra training to prepare for gradings.

Aylesbury Timetable

Venue Instructor Type Day/Time
Park Sch Emma Payne Novice Tues 5.00pm
Park Sch Emma Payne Advanced Tues 6.00pm
Buckingham Park Ben Babbington Novice Tues 5.15pm
Park Sch Emma Payne Novice Wed 4.00pm
Wingrave Emma Payne Novice Wed 6.00pm
Fairford Leys Emma Payne Novice Thur 5.00pm
Fairford Leys Emma Payne Advanced Thur 6.00pm
Fairford Leys Emma Payne Black Belt Thur 7.00pm
Weston Turville Ben Babbington Novice Fri 5.30pm
Weston Turville Ben Babbington Advanced Fri 6.30pm
Park Sch Emma Payne Novice Sat 11.00am
Park Sch Emma Payne Advanced Sat12.00pm
Park Sch Emma Payne Black Belt Sat 1.00pm
Park Sch Emma Payne Leadership Sat 2.00pm

Watford Timetable

Venue Instructor Type Day/Time
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Novice Wed 5.00pm
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Advanced Wed 6.00pm
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Black Belt Wed 7.00pm
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Novice Sat 10.00am
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Novice Sat 11.00am
Nascot Wood Ben Babbington Advanced Sat 12.00pm

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